Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Molly's figured it out

So a couple of weeks before Christmas, Molly was asking about how many days were left before the big day. I was explaining how days, weeks, and months work. After absorbing that for a few minutes, she said, "That's why women have big brains -- to keep track of all the stuff to know." I immediately fell out laughing and then wrote it down so I could savor that sweet moment forever. (Let's hope my big brain will remember where I wrote it down!)

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. I am STILL working on getting out Christmas cards...somehow, even though I thought I had begun the holiday work early, I ran out of time. If I get them out by February, could they count for this year, too?

I hope all is fine in 2009.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Halloween was a lot of fun this year. Molly figured out a couple of months ago that she wanted to be the Tooth Fairy! Aaron's very talented sister, Rebekah, made her costume (she even sewed little bells on the inside bottom of the dress so she jingled when she walked!) Course, by the time Halloween rolled around, Molly was a princess kitty (no, it's not a character from a movie...the idea came to her when she won a little foam cat mask at a Halloween festival.) Grey was dragonosaurus (dragon?dinosaur?). He loves wearing "ats" and only minded the hood when it WASN'T on his head!
Molly's at a perfect age for Halloween -- she's apprehensive and cautious but not overwhelmed and terrified. She always seemed to allow others to go first to the candy...I'd like to pretend it's because she is so thoughtful, and I'm sure there was plenty of thought involved in providing sacrificial lambs, er, princesses, to the very convincing witch who was cackling at the door! Needless to say, she had a great time, and just like her mother, was not ready to call it a night when blisters and fatigue started affecting the others.
Grey was a hoot...He's at that LOVELY age where he wants to run and keep up with the bigger kids, and will not have anything to do with a stroller. He hasn't yet figured out that our neighborhood is full of big bad stairs and ferocious driveways that like to eat little foreheads and knees! He (no, I) made it to three houses before I figured out that he'd really enjoy handing out candy with Daddy! By the time Molly and I made it back to the house, Grey had figured out how to say "ding dong" all by himself, and loved to yell it as he'd run to greet the trick-or-treaters.
It was a great night, and by the end of the weekend, most of the candy found its way to a donation pile for Molly's school (they collect candy for children with cancer, who get candy after bad-tasting medicine.) I'm sure Molly will tell me in a couple of weeks what she's going to be next year for Halloween!

Gettin' richer by the bone...

Well, the Tooth Fairy came to our house last night for the second time! Molly's had a tooth literally hanging by a thread -- all of this week it's been lying flat in her mouth (looked so weird when she would talk!) I FINALLY convinced her to let me try ONE TIME to pull it (after promising a piece of candy and that we would wrap it up in a biiiig box and trick Daddy!) She didn't even blink when I popped it out. It was a great lesson in feeling scared about the unknown!
So the first tooth (Sept. 27) was the big one -- the Tooth Fairy left $5!! This time, that sneaky fairy left a Sacagawea. I was informed of this even before the 6:15 alarm this morning. Molly had a BRILLIANT idea of simply leaving the tooth pillow on her nightstand so the tooth wouldn't fall out from the tooth pillow while under the bigger pillow on the bed. I'm SURE the Tooth Fairy really appreciated how much easier it is to get to! I'm assuming it's one of the hardest things to DOES she get under all those pillows without waking a single kid up??
Her grown-up teeth are already halfway in, and I sure hope they figure out how to get in a straight line. This second one has been very impatient and couldn't wait for the baby tooth to leave...I hope, now that there's a hole, it'll find its way to the front! We are currently accepting donations for braces via direct deposit.

Here's a pic of the first missing tooth -- and if you're wondering about that purdy lil' shiner on her left eye...she fell down on a field trip and cracked her forehead on the sidewalk. When the goose egg finally disappeared, the color left behind fell to her eyelid. I was very skeptical of taking Molly anywhere that weekend...I knew DHR would be at my door, asking about the girl with the black eye and missing tooth!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Molly has some big news to share -- she's got TWO loose "tooths!" She came out this morning as she started to brush her teeth, saying she thought she might have a loose tooth. I was a bit skeptical...after all, she's been waiting for this since a girl at her old school bit into an apple and her tooth came out. Sure enough, not one, but both bottom teeth are loose! Not three days ago Molly bit into her plum and complained of her tooth hurting, but even then I tried to wiggle a bunch of 'em and didn't find anything.
That girl worked on those teeth all day. She was very hopeful that the Tooth Fairy would make an appearance tonight, but she went to bed, er, toothless? Teethful? Bah -- she'll wake up tomorrow MONEYLESS. :) She did come home with teeth more wiggly than when she left for school this morning, so we might be posting pictures soon of our little snaggle tooth(s)! Stay tuned!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

New school and new shoes

Well, what happened to summer? I know at our house, we blinked and it was over. The big news over here is that Molly started Kindergarten a couple of weeks ago! The transition has been very smooth, and the days have been full of new routines and excitement. Molly is riding the bus and loving it, and the teacher has already praised her on what a wonderful helper she is. Molly comes home every day with fun things to tell me, and she seems very comfortable and happy. What more could we ask for?

Grey's big news is that he's walking everywhere! He decided around the beginning of August that crawling was no longer sufficient, and now that he's a toddler, he's a happy camper! He is very cute...with the combined stumbling and hobobabble, we often feel like we're on Bourbon Street. He enjoys walking around in circles and trying to jump like his big sister. He's very proud of himself -- especially when he has shoes on. He loves shoes!
Here are a few fun pics of the kids -- there is NOTHING like the love between siblings...the fun shared between them can match no other!

I am going to work on a summer vacation pictures post soon, so check back for more pics! I hope you have all had a wonderful summer and are all doing well. We love you!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The little ballerina

Molly had her ballet recital on May 10, and she was the most beautiful ballerina! I even had permission to put her hair up in a bun (I had to beg the teacher to talk to her about putting her hair up...but whatever works, right?) She had a lot of fun, but when asked what her favorite part was, she'll tell you it was receiving flowers! (As VERY amateur ballet parents, we didn't realize that every family had brought flowers to give to their ballerinas after the show...SuperAaron darted to the store and made it back only a couple of minutes after the start of the show!)

I apologize for the lack of quality in both the pictures and video...we were in the very back, standing on a chair, holding up the camera (not camcorder, as it's broken,) and dodging the very bald head of the man sitting in the second row. At least it's captured, right? (Both the recital AND the bald head!) Molly is front row, second from right.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy Mothers' Days

I just got home from a very weepy morning at Molly's school. How I was lucky enough to find such a gem of a school, I'll never know, but I am so grateful for St. David's.
This morning was Muffins for Moms (in honor of Mothers' Day). The kids work hard for weeks preparing projects and songs (the muffins are store-bought -- whew!) to present to us on this day. Molly's teachers peppered the event with lovey little quotes and thoughts -- and were smart enough to hand out tissues to everyone.
There is absolutely nothing like watching my child wiggle excitedly through a song that she's singing to ME. There's nothing like that squeezy hug after I open the custom-painted, ladybugged candle pot she couldn't tell me about for two weeks. There's nothing like hugging back that nothing-short-of-amazing little girl. I am truly stumped at how I was lucky enough I was to have been given that miracle girl. I don't know why God picked me, and I try every day to prove that I am worthy enough to have her.
So to all the mothers I know:

-- the ones who are preparing by painting nurseries, running to doctor's appointments, feeling the kicks (and heartburn), wondering the sex, tasting baby food at showers, crying at commercials, and waiting for the big day --

-- the ones who are currently chasing monkeys, wiping bottoms, unclogging (or replacing) toy-clogged toilets, Orajeling teeth, teaching manners, juggling jobs and homes, cheering at sports games and piano lessons, rushing to the ER, shushing the whining, explaining Jesus billboards, embroidering outfits, making homemade ornaments, head-butting attitudes, encouraging healthy food, and draining wine bottles at the end of the day --

-- the ones who have already changed sheets in the middle of the night, clapped for first steps, cried over handprinted art, packed lunches, kissed bo-bos, doctored the chickenpox, waved to school buses both for the first and last time, picked up failed sleepover attempts, created homemade Care Bears and dresses, encouraged better grades, praised the blue ribbons (and the white ones), driven mini-vans (and big red ones,) handed over the keys, covered ears over slamming doors and too-loud music, unloaded at college dorms, picked out mother-of-the-bride dresses and are now fortunate enough to be able to (patiently) do it all over again from a different perspective --

I am so honored to be a part of this motherworld we are all a part of, in some way, shape or form. Every one of you inspire me, strengthen me, teach me, support me, and I am so grateful for each friendship. I am constantly learning from all angles you provide me, and I appreciate all your stories, motivations, struggles and triumphs. I hope each one of you have a very blessed Mothers' Day. You are ALL doing, or HAVE done, an amazing job so far.